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The spell is on. After the Medieval-Spell, here is the Renaissance-Spell.

The site is the result of the same devouring passion: the passion for History. And, again, is dedicated to the greatest passions of my life: my wife and my daughter. I feel I will never be able to dedicate enough to them.

The idea of this site came naturally. The great passion could not stop with the Middle Ages. Even the Renaissance Masters kept something from the Old World in their works, so we had to follow them. After all, before the Renaissance and Leonardo da Vinci, "The Last Supper" was known from Illuminated manuscripts.

The rediscovered refinement and sophistication of the Classics were so close, and the art of printing was just around the corner. And there was also the fashion, which evolved towards forms which can be considered as the origin of the modern dress. And everybody would like to know how we actually got to what we wear today.

Again, I would like to thank my wife for her support in writing this new site.  Our extended editorial board is including my daughter, who is three now. She is of great help, especially because she likes to stay more with her mom, that is.

We really enjoy what we do and we hope you will enjoy the Site!

The Team.

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